Blueberry Heart Pie
Blueberry Heart PieBlueberry Heart PieBlueberry Heart PieBlueberry Heart PieBlueberry Heart PieBlueberry Heart PieBlueberry Heart Pie

Blueberry Heart Pie

Product Code: wp047

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Choose a colour from the colour chart. If you would like a custom colour, please email us!

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Envelope Lining


Information Card

can include anything from wishing well/gift registry details, map, accomodation info, etc. (If you choose to have a map, and would like us to design it, please ensure that you add the couture map design fee to your order. Details regarding this are found in the below product description)

Ribbon Bow

Add a gross grain ribbobn bow on the spine as per photo


Product Description

Invite: Square (140 x 140mm) folded double-sided with 3mm gross grain ribbon bow on spine. Option to print text inside on flysheet rather than directly on card.

Envelope: Square (150 x 150mm or 160 x 160mm depending on availabilities)

RSVP/info card: Square (120 x120mm)

We will be in touch with you after you have ordered your invitations to request further details from you. If you have added an information card and would like a couture map designed specifically for your location, ensure that you add this to your shopping cart from here.