Candy Cane Gift Cards
Candy Cane Gift CardsCandy Cane Gift CardsCandy Cane Gift CardsCandy Cane Gift Cards

Candy Cane Gift Cards

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can include anything from wishing well/gift registry details, map, accomodation info, etc. (If you choose to have a map, and would like us to design it, please ensure that you add the couture map design fee to your order. Details regarding this are found in the below product description)




Product Description

A range of Christmas Saying Gift Cards with natural string. Choose between two colours... or both and write your special message to your loved one on the back!

Pack of 3: $5.00

Pack of 3 with envelopes: $9.00

Pack of 6: $8.00

Pack of 6 with envelopes: $12.00


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